Therapy Packages

Six week structured therapy 

This is service is ideally situated for people looking for a brief therapy intervention. This programme follows a structured approach to therapy. You will meet with your therapist on the same day and time each week and follow a tried and tested programme for brief therapy intervention. The sessions will consist of understanding what the challenge you are facing is, formulating this and thinking about ways to move forward. You will gain physical resources from the sessions to take away with and and implement in your daily life. Only available online in a limited capacity. For more information and to sign up to the package please contact here.

The six week structured therapy involves: 

  • Psychological assessment 
  • Formulation 
  • Addressing and understanding values 
  • Habit building exercises 
  • Development of a management plan 
  • Evaluation

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Cost: £330 one off payment (Saving of £30 compared with open ended therapy).